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A message from our founders

The  search for a non-necrotizing antimicrobial that contained only natural ingredients began in 2005. Having good success using silver-based products on  our own horses and our clients' horses intensified and focused our search. Then in 2009 we began working with a biological company that had developed and patented a stable silver based antimicrobial, the first new antimicrobial to be patented in decades. Working with their biochemist, Silvetrasol was successfully formulated. 

It has been very exciting and rewarding being able to offer horse and pet owners the world over an all-natural, non-necrotizing, non-toxic antimicrobial solution that out performs most steroid and chemical based products on the market today. We're pleased to say that our company will continue to work to develop and bring innovative wellness products to the market that will help you care for the animals you love in a responsible and holistic manner.

-Keith C. La Pierre, RJF, C0-Founder

-Dr. Robyn Lord, Co-Founder

safe, natural, effective