noble metal technology

Active Ingredient 

Silvetrasol's active ingredient is silver dihydrogen citrate, one of the first new antimicrobials to be introduced in decades. Silver dihydrogen citrate is a colorless, odorless and stable solution of ionic silver in a water-soluble form. It provides fast acting efficacy at low concentrations against a broad-spectrum of bacteria, viruses, yeast and molds. Silver dihydrogen citrate forms the basis for all of our Silvetrasol products.

Unlike colloidal products that contain 10 to 20ppm silver,  Silvetrasol products have the  highest concentration of ionic silver solution offered in a topical wound wash in the equine and pet industry, ranging from 30ppm to  40ppm!

Stability (colloidal vs. solution)

Traditional colloidal products have a short shelf life - often ranging  from hours to days. Silvetrasol's active ingredient uses a stabilized silver ion complex (solution) having a shelf life of several years. The unique bond between the silver ion in silver dihydrogen citrate in our product allows the silver ion to remain "in solution" (suspension) while at the same time making it more bio-available for antimicrobial action. Silvetrasol is not affected by extreme shifts in temperature.

Mode of Action

The active ingredient in Silvetrasol kills microorganisms by two modes of action: 1) the silver ion deactivates structural and metabolic membrane proteins leading to microbial death; 2) the microbes view silver dihydrogen citrate as a food source, allowing the silver ion to enter the microbe. Once inside the organism, the silver ion denatures the DNA, which halts the microbe's ability to replicate and leads to its death. This dual action makes Silvetrasol highly and quickly effective against a broad spectrum of microbes.