Kristi Fox, DVM  Fl. 

I had a client seek my advice for a second opinion. Her cat had been diagnosed as “likely having cancer” after being presented to her primary veterinarian with an open oozing wound on his face. The lesion was one open sore with thickened tissue that stuck out ¼ to ½ inch all along the entire margin of the upper lip. There were also multiple ulcers inside the mouth. The owner noted that it all started as a small scratch on the side of his face but she did not have the finances to pursue diagnostics. She was not ready to put the cat to sleep so after a week of antibiotics without any change she asked if I knew of anything inexpensive she could try. I had been using Silvetrasol for some time on horse’s hooves to treat and prevent thrush and also on minor scrapes and rain rot, but I had not used in on a small animal yet and never on a wound so severe. Yet, after only one week with once daily usage the lesion had improved over 70%! After two more weeks on twice daily use the only lesions left were some minor ulcerations in the mouth overlying some decaying teeth. The client was amazed and the cat’s life was saved. I have plans to incorporate Silvetrasol into my routine surgery care by spraying incisions post-op and prevention of infection over intravenous catheter sites as well.

Lea H., USA


My horse just injured his foot a week ago - he got a rope burn right over the bulbs, took all the hair off, and sliced it pretty deep too. I tried using other products to help it heal since I thought Silvetrasol might sting an open cut. But all the ointment that I was using did was give him a small case of scratches because his bulbs were kept so wet. But after seeing this post a few days ago I started with silvetrasol and it's SO much better. All the scabs flaked off, his hair is growing back, he doesn't fuss at it at all, and his cut is starting to heal. smile emoticon Should have just started with that in the first place.

Valerie R.H.,  UK
Subject: Silvetrasol treating cancerous tumors
Hi I have been using this product for five years My horse deli has one of the rarest from skin cancer in the world less than 1percent of horses it is cutaneous lymphoma. When her tumors broke out and got infected there wasn’t anything to clear them up then I discovered Silvetrasol wound wash. The way it clears up infection is mind blowing and I won't use any other product. I find it helps break down the cancerous tumors, amazing product. Excellent for hooves also.

Renie L., USA
Just wanted you to know that I bought a bottle from Janice Latham, DAEP a couple of years ago and thought she was just pushing a product. I was wrong! I had a horse just this Spring that had a combination of scratches and a small injury and I sprayed that on just a couple of times and could not believe that it healed so fast. I think every one who has horses should have this product on hand. It is wonderful!

Janis L. Utah
I have been using these products for several years now and have found nothing else that works as well. For Scratches, any open wound, tail rubbing, my sister used it on a goat that had been burned in a fire. Every time the Silvetrasol has healed things up beautifully. Personally I had a horse get kicked causing an edema on her chest, the size of a basketball. All the skin died leaving a large 9X7 area without skin, cleaning it daily and spraying with Silvetrasol, it healed within a month leaving no scaring at all. The Thrush Ender works faster and cleaner than any other thrush product. 

Lea in Illinois
Works Wonders!

I truly believe there is no better product for infection-fighting in the hoof. In only 6 days my client's horse's frog went from infected and contracted, to healthy with proper conformation. A whole horse product for both the professional and horse-owner! 

Linda F., Utah
Having worked on an IR mare that has always battled Thrush and yeast infections, that is until I began using Silvetrasol daily. Even under hoof wraps her frogs stay infection free using your product. Amazing product!!!

Sally B., UK

I bought some Silvetrasol on the advice of my farrier to help keep the frogs of my barefoot horse healthy when turned out on infamous Sussex mud. Not only did it work brilliantly for that, but for the first time I've found a product that actually heals mud fever fast, easily and painlessly for the horse. Absolutely recommend this product to everyone.